Rhode Island.

live the life you love & love the life you live.

I love America, anchors, bows, pearls. whiskey. ΧΩ, owls, taking pictures, monograms, dresses and lemonade.
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I want to be a housewife and watch netflix and day drink and go to book clubs and maybe start a charity.

Step one: gotta find a boyfriend.

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"I don’t broadcast every high & I don’t hide every low. I’m trying to live. I’m not trying to convince the world I have life."

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Taylor Swift - All Too Well

Time won’t fly, it’s like I’m paralyzed by it

I’d like to be my old self again

But I’m still trying to find it 

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Girl Met City: It’s A Lifestyle
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"I miss how you wanted me."

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Sitting on my roof with this view. Land of the free, because of the brave. Never forget. 🇺🇸